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Our Mission

Lytech Solutions, Inc. is an electronic contract manufacturing company established to serve the electronic industry by providing solutions to manufacturing issues.

"Lytech employees are dedicated to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations on time, every time."

"At LSI, we work with our customers to create solutions."

General Services

  • - Total electronic product manufacturing: circuit boards (SMT and thru hole assembly), cabling, and final assembly.
  • - Lytech now provides a complete Lead Free solution in manufacturing.
  • - A new fast turn Prototype Assembly Line.
  • - Turnkey and/or consignment orders.
  • - Focusing on the low and medium volume high mix products.
  • - Test and manufacturing engineering services.
  • - Circuit board layout and design.


Lytech implemented a fully integrated MRP/accounting program for Windows including, inventory control, work order tracking, purchasing, sales orders, Bills of materials, and accounting. Lytech can provide complete material planning and order tracking to ensure that your product arrives on time. We have an APICS instructor on staff who can aid your MRP implementation project.

Lytech has an engineering staff ready to assist you in solving manufacturability issues, layout circuit boards, or help you design a product.

Lytech has added 100% more floor space to make a total of 20,000 sq ft of production space which includes a vented room for taking care of your conformal coating needs.

At LSI, we work with our customers to create solutions. We can provide quick turn around time at a very competitive price.  Lytech is able to accomplish these goals by:   

  • - Using well defined processes and documentation control to improve time required to prepare assembly documentation.
  • - Combining operations, for example when checking in a consignment order the kit would be prepped for assembly.
  • - Using a team approach will improve assembly and training time and improve quality.
  • - Higher levels of quality and process controls will lessen the need for repair and/or additional inspection steps.
  • - Using good inventory management, maintaining high inventory turns, and understanding carrying and ordering cost will lower inventory costs.
  • - Continuously improve processes to shorten set up times.
  • - Establishing solid partnerships with key suppliers will aid in improving response time and cost.


Related resources

LSI has a new program for fast turn prototypes.  If this sounds like a program that might interest you, please email us at sales@lytechsolutions.com